Yoga Myths

Today we can find a great amount of prejudice and myths about yoga which expand in an unconscious way and make people not want to try it.

Are you identified with any of these yoga myths?

“Yoga is just meditation and relaxation”

Yoga classes contain different postures of relaxation but most of the class is composed by active exercises which help the body warm up and oxygenate.


“Only for thin and very flexible”

Yoga suits everyone and helps you lose weight and gain flexibility.


“It’s a woman thing”

Although usually the female audience abounds in yoga classes, both men and women benefit equally from practicing it. In fact, the first Indian yogis were men and not women. I am very proud to see more and more men in my classes…


“It’s a hippy thing”

Being a discipline originating in India, many people think it’s a “hippie thing.” Yoga is not stereotypical. While it is true that in practice we take our shoes off and our clothes must be as comfortable as possible to facilitate practice, everyone chooses their own lifestyle and philosophy, although the practice does recommend a healthy life.


“I’m one of those who likes to go out for drinks with friends, yoga isn’t me”

Practicing yoga doesn’t mean you can’t smoke or drink alcohol but as I said earlier it’s advisable to carry out a healthy lifestyle, one thing does not remove the other. Everyone is free to do whatever they want.


“I’m too old to practice yoga “or” yoga is for older people, slow and boring”

There are two main biases that only put up barriers. It’s never too late to start practice, as it0s always been said: it’s better late than never. Yoga is for older people, adults, teenagers and even children. If not there would never be an ideal age to begin practice. We have to know how to find the style that suits our needs in every moment of our lives. There are styles as dynamic as soft.


“Yoga is a religion”

Yoga is no religion, on the contrary, yoga is for everyone and does not understand of religions. It’s a discipline which helps us to strengthen our physical body, learn to control our mind and strengthen our immune system.


“ I’m a very nervous person, I can’t practice yoga”

Yoga will help balance your body and mind, to concentrate better and control yourself. It will provide serenity and tranquility in your day to day.